Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★

A heart-wrenching examination of how different people process grief and loss over people in their lives, in what keeps getting sadder and sadder to watch as the runtime goes on and seeing how the loss some people face can really affect them to the core. Dealing with the death of a loved one can make you stronger or weaker, and it's quite

I do think this film is great for the raw emotions it portrays and how impactful it is in doing what it sets out to do, but I was very hyped by a friend over the past few months to watch this so having personal expectations set that high up did slightly lower my experience through what I expected this film to be, but knowing what to expect now I feel sure I will like this film far more on rewatch.

The whole sequence up until the police station scene with the Adagio in G minor playing is one of the most devastating sequences I have ever seen portrayed in a film, it really hit me very hard when watching due to the emotional power the entire sequence carries.

Wouldn't typically say this for such a depressing film but I am quite excited to watch this again, especially with knowing what to expect now which I'm sure will make my experience far better.

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