Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★

(Filmspotting Pantheon #22)

This is my first Sidney Lumet film so that might crush any semblance of credibility I have. This was also in my top 3 of biggest shames of not watching. I've finally rectifed these two cinephile blunders.

The lasting power this film has gives me hope that I can dig into this more upon more viewings. I just know I will because of the amount of praise it has garnered over the past 4+ decades. On face value, it's incredibly entertaining as we play along with Al Pacino and how he handles the hostages and his requests. His mild incompetence gives him a likeable demeanor as well as a comedic tone to the proceedings. I really didn't anticipate laughing as much as I did. Pacino is underrated in the comedic realm!

The layer of sweat and the sweltering heat adds to the chaos surrounding this mess of a situation. I found it interesting to see how each of the tellers reacted to this shit show. It's also telling how the general public treated Pacino before and after the homosexual reveal.

Again, I know there's so much more to this film but I was more focused on the proceedings. A re-watch is in definite order.

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