Kimi ★★★½

For a film that accentuates the fear of technology and the monitoring aspect of it, this sure does have a lot of cool tech. Checking the age of Soderbergh and screenwriter David Koepp, it makes sense how uneasy this movie makes one feel about people listening in on devices and the want for people to "just go outside." Although I don't agree with a lot of what is laid out here, I still had a great time with this - the high-ceiling apartment that allows the viewer and Angela to not feel constrained by the one place they feel safe, the dynamic street sequences in which Angela is on the run, and the ultimate showdown. I also like the 2.00 aspect ratio that is conducive to those high ceilings while still feeling like wide cinema.

The condemnation of the local police is also telling, which is obviously by design. Angela passes cops on the way to the Feds and instead of feeling safe enough to go to them with this issue, they are viewed as enemies, ones that would side with the corporation.

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