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  • Lapsis



    My name is Beeftech Lapsis
    In a not so distant odd future, Ray takes care of his sick brother and decides to become a freelance cabler at a megacorporation to make more money to help him get better treatment.

    Theres a lot to takeaway and I don't even know where to start because it touched on so much. I guess the most prominent to me being - Does more technology make our lives better? The job Ray takes is laying…

  • Cadaver



    Looks really nice and decent concept but really not a whole lot happens ...

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  • Holy Calamavote | A Special Performance by Run The Jewels

    Holy Calamavote | A Special Performance by Run The Jewels


    Not really live as advertised but still very cool... neon lights , awesome music , snow machine ❄️  Zach de la roacha showing up (kind of) 🔥🔥🔥... I was actually doing some work when my husband put this on and I got sucked into it ☺️ Work schmerk ehh... I’m mail in voting !

  • 1917



    Was that really 2 hours because it flew by! Every scene was amazing and every scene was a new level of stress. The tension level was so solid and when I wasn’t clenching I doing my hardest to not bawl... loved the soundtrack... loved that one shot ... No cheese at all and 100% immersive genuine feeling . ❤️🎉 cannot believe I was even debating seeing this. They played it up in that behind the scene promo as if it wasn’t your average war film and it really wasn’t ..