Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

Cringeworthy scenes around every corner, lacklustre performances and no sense of scope or emotional weight, 'Far From Home' is far from good.

Tom Holland is an overrated Spider-Man. Many people don't acknowledge this because they seem to relate to his interpretation of Peter Parker as a shy and nerdy teenager. Fair enough. But there are different kinds of shy and nerdy teenagers. It is broad. Andrew Garfield was excellent in how understated and nuanced his performance as Peter Parker was.

Tom Holland is a good actor, although you wouldn't notice if not for moments where he's either screaming or crying. Often, he is making cringeworthy witticisms as Spider-Man. The humour of this film, as with all MCU movies, is pathetic. Humour is subjective. From my subjectivity: the humour in this film is both cheap and horrendous, catering to the lowest typical denominator audience.

Jake Gyllenhaal, one of my personal favourite actors of all time, is as usual, excellent. Although why he agreed to star in this movie, I'll never know. This isn't Sam Raimi directing this isn't Danny Elfman composing this is terrible. These new Spider-Man movies borrow elements from the 80's teen comedies of John Hughes. The only difference is, John Hughes knew what he was doing. Every time this film tries to be sentimental or resonant, it doesn't feel earned or warranted. The movie has a dull look, and the cinematography is non-existent. Why are the action sequences of Raimi's films so rewatchable? Because everything popped. The colours, the music, the choreography. Here, it all looks like a cartoon, as if it's making it up as it goes along. The CGI isn't impressive in the least. Spider-Man's suit (of which there are many in this film) are all jokes. He doesn't feel tangible onscreen when he's swinging around, because the outfit itself doesn't look real. It is all enhanced by CGI, and your eyes pick up on it.

But yeah the post-credit scene was pretty cool.

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