On one hand, a dichotomy on its own is not a novel idea…it’s just a dichotomy. 

On the other hand, some really well-crafted images (by far the best of peele’s career so far). 

Peele still has some tendencies that don’t work for me—
- the unproductive ways he sometimes tries to balance his love of genre b-movies and his desire to make a prestige thriller
- He is good at creating atmospheres of menace and powerfully ambiguous images, but he just as quickly weakens these by deflating them with trite humor or complicating plot mechanics. 
- his scripts are still full of “but what does THIS mean”  moments that feel more suited for Reddit EXPLAINED forums than as stand alone moments of impact.

All that being said this is way better than most other summer blockbusters and a good time at the movies, it makes me more excited for future Peele films than I was before seeing it.

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