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  • A Tale of Two Sisters

    A Tale of Two Sisters


    Ok I am missing the brain cells required to enjoy this one apparently ... I remember when It came out years ago and I bought the DVD and I watched it and I was just kind a like meh that was boring... fast forward to now many years later I know my tolerance has increased and I like slowburn films a lot more than I used to and sometimes I need a second viewing on something to appreciate/understand it better…

  • Victoria


    Turned off ... 40 mins into it and I only lasted this long because of the high praise I’ve seen this get ...  but I don’t quite get the appeal here at all . Yeah the one take technique is impressive but these people and what’s going on is not interesting .. I hate grading stuff I haven’t seen all the way thru but this is like a 2

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  • Wounds



    Its kind of mess that isn't properly put together but there's something I like about it anyways ...There's too many metaphors/ideas floating around in the story but at the same time something is missing - maybe all these things just don't tie together well enough... Its ambitious and different though too.. I'll give it that..

  • In the Tall Grass

    In the Tall Grass


    This concept has all the elements of something that I would love but I just didn’t because the characters are completely uninteresting and there was no story element to grasp onto or give a shit about really... meh.. there’s also a lack of tension because there really aren’t any surprises and I believe there’s probably some religious symbolism that probably went over my head but I kind of doubt it makes a difference... it’s a Wanabee mindfuck but I don’t think it succeeds because there’s no reason to give a shit about any of these people 🙄 👎