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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Lynne Ramsay directed this masterful psychological thriller which contains a great character study of Joaquin Phoenix's (Joe) who we find out is a hired gun who hunts down criminals and rescues trafficked girls. He is a very traumatized man who suffers from PTSD, he had an abusive father growing up and was once in the FBI and military as we find out through flashbacks as the film goes on. The actual plot is pretty simple as Joe gets a job…

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


    This classic from Milos Forman is a film I probably first saw ten years ago or so and I instantly admired it and loved it, and after a few more viewings over the years it remains powerful. Each viewing I've noticed more going on then I originally did which is always truly the sign of a great film. The first viewing especially impressed me because it contains arguably Nicholson's best performance and has a supporting cast that is about as…

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  • Stalker



    Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker from 1979 is based on Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's (Roadside Picnic Sci-Fi novel). It's very much a drama/mystery & suspense with a Sci-Fi setting, surely a long film but even though it runs close to three hours there was no point where my interest faded. I guess it will either grip you right away or it wont and for me I just couldn't look away. The three main characters all really stick out as their unique own and…

  • 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Solomon (a real life account of a man who was mistaken for a slave). To put it simply, Steve Mcqueen did not want to entertain us and he did not want us to leave the cinema without feeling uneasy. What a film, what a filmmaker, it broke me, it left me shattered, it made me never want to associate with anyone who is narrow minded and arrogant enough to be racist. No holes bared, intense, tragic, greatly…