Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Easily the most pure emotion I've felt whilst watching a Coen brothers film, I definitely connected with it and absolutely loved every second of it. It's very melancholic in it's look and feel and especially in the great performance by Oscar Isaac as Llewyn, a struggling folk musician who goes through life traveling from bar to bar to perform and couch to couch to sleep. The films events take place in the 60s when folk was big and takes place after the suicide of his music partner and puts us right into the middle of Llewyns troubles with maintaining relationships and struggles to make enough money to get by. The film has amazing dialogue and is shot to perfection and each musical performance is magical. It has it's fair share of extremely funny moments and has a great supporting cast with the likes of the always reliable Mulligan and Goodman and Timberlake even shows up and gives his vocal talents to the film, Isaac's are pretty great in their own right though. A hilarious appearance by Adam Driver is one of the big stand outs, the ad-libbing in that song and meowing back to the cat LOL.

But for me the best aspect of the movie is the melancholic character study of Llewyn who has such a passion for music but is as uncertain about his future as the story clearly is, the use of a cat in the movie is masterful as "Llewyn is the cat", so true. When I first saw it I loved everything but the ending which seems strange to me after seeing it again as the ending is so fitting and powerful. Llewyn constantly gets knocked down, gets back up and ends up really going nowhere again and it's relatable and true to life and is a masterful look into depression that really did a great job of taking me to this time of the world and I could not look away. Easily my favourite from the Coens on a personal level, it's hard to top The Big Lebowski and No Country For Old Men overall though, the Coens are even better to me then they already were after seeing this masterpiece again.

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