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I'm doing something I at least don't do often but I just saw Persona again and I'd already written a review for it a few years ago and want to add a few things to the review but not change to much of it. Anyway I have more active followers then I did then and this is very much the same review as before with just a few touch ups. I guess I just wanted more people to see my thoughts on it by re posting it with a few adjustments so if you feel like you've read this review before that's why.

Basically i'm left with my mind blown it's that feeling you get inside you when you know you have just seen a great film, It was a similar feeling I got after seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time. Bergman's Persona is a haunting and immersive complex character study between two young women it's about a nurse named Alma (Bibi Anderson). The psychiatrist at the hospital sends Alma to a seaside cottage to look after a famous actress named Elisabeth (Liv Allman). Elisabeth has since stopped talking perhaps due to a trauma Alma examines her and tells her very personal things about herself like some unpleasant sexual experience's she has had in the past. She does her best to care for Elisabeth and try to get her to talk but she soon reads a letter written by Elisabeth to the hospital that mocks Alma so there relationship becomes ruthless and both women become so much more complex and unpredictable as does the direction of the film.

Alma soon has a dream or nightmare if you wanna call it that where her and Elisabeth's identities intertwine, Persona is a deep complex look into the psyche. The movie is very unique with great visuals, inventive and complex storytelling, intriguing dream sequence's and great performance's by the two leads, literally two of the best I've ever seen. The imagery is haunting and always inventive, the way the film is edited is masterful and makes it always effective. My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the whole running time, not once did I loose interest the film is strange and creepy and so compelling with a mysterious ending that could allow the viewer to come up with their own interpretation as to a lot of what Bergman is saying here. On the surface the plot is a bit easier to explain then the actual way that the story is told if that makes sense. It's a one of a kind that only the masters Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist could have pulled off. It is one of the most well shot films ever and the screenplay is also an all timer, a powerful experience (Top 10 ever from what I've seen).

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