Tenet ★★★

This was a film that I found to be quite a baffling experience the first time around which had a lot to do with the ridiculously loud score and strange sound mixing that made so much of the dialouge hard to even hear. I originally rated Nolan's latest half a star higher and was a little on the fence of what I actually thought of it, I did love the concept and admired the ambiguity enough for a good rating though. I wasn't always that invested and knew that when I came back to it I'd be more comfortable with my actual rating. So I will say that it was actually much easier to follow this time and a lot of the initial confusion I had as well as the inability I had to care about any of the characters seems more like it was actually a result of poor writing then true complexity coming back to it now. I did find it mostly entertaining this time but actually a bit silly and not a big improvement. It's Nolan's worst and most uninteresting film and contains all of his worst traits literally at their worst but yea it has it's moments and is atleast above average for me.

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