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  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    Australian genre filmmaker Jennifer Kent follow up her debut film THE BABADOOK with this Australian pioneer era period piece rape/revenge feature that has a whole lot of things to say about race,sexism,and the ruling class(of the time) as THE NIGHTINGALE depicts the horrific dilemma that a married young Irish ex-convict(Aisling Franciosi[JIMMY'S HALL,AMBITION{2014}]) finds herself falling into when she attempts to break away from a newly christened Army lieutenant(Sam Claflin[THE HUNGER GAMES:CATCHING FIRE,CHARLIE'S ANGELS{2019}]) who watches over her which results in…

  • Room for Rent

    Room for Rent


    Best known as both the sister of New Line Cinema producer-turned-CEO Robert Shaye and having a long working career as a character actress(until she found her niche in modern horror films in the 2010s[/10s]),Lin Shaye(OUIJA,INSIDIOUS) is the showcase in this completely asinine and extremely awful feature from director/co-producer Tommy Stovall(AARON'S BLOOD,SEDONA) and scriptwriter Stuart Flack that has her as an elderly lady whose loss of her husband drives her to not only transform her home into a Bed And Breakfast…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Weinstein Brothers score their first nationwide release of a horror film since 2009's Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2,and the first nationwide release of a film under their Radius/TWB label,for this film by first time writer/director David Robert Mitchell is yet another overhyped,overrated horror slop(ala HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES,DAWN OF THE DEAD[2004],MARTYRS,HEREDITARY,THE VOID(2016),RAW,SHAUN OF THE DEAD,MAY,REVENGE[2018)],and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT[amongst so many]) that I'm so sick and tired of hearing about,reading about,and visually enduring. This film plays like a John Carpenter…

  • The Cat

    The Cat


    Japanese genre cinema was an obvious major influence on this wild Chinese science fiction/horror outing that has Waise Lee(A BETTER TOMORROW[1986],BULLET IN THE HEAD) as a successful writer who gets caught up in the antics of a young lady(Gloria Yip[FLYING DAGGER,SAVIOR OF THE SOUL]) and her pet cat that are actually aliens that are out to stop an evil alien entity that has invasion on its mind. A popular title in the 90s video bootleg market that is largely overshadowed(and…