Did Baby Shoot Her Sugardaddy? ★★

This extremely rare grindhouse/drive-in modern noir thriller from writer/director/co-producer Jean Van Hearn(LOVE ME LIKE I DO,THE HOUSE NEAR THE PRADO) has a Los Angeles police detective(Kirk Scott[END OF THE WORLD,CINDERELLA{1977}]) who is investigating the murder of a wealthy man whose stolen Mafia money has disappeared as Scott finds himself involved with the likes of a lustful middle aged woman(Lana Jaston),her shady teen stepdaughter(Lydia Noel),and a Russian hitwoman(Tanya Lemani George[SKETCHES OF A STRANGLER,LEGACY OF RAGE,THE DON IS DEAD]) who moonlights as a strip bar dancer,with both a Mafia Don(James Whitworth[THE HILLS HAVE EYES{1977},PLANET OF DINOSAURS]) and a local brothel that is managed by a transgender madam.

Despite looking as though it would be a grimy sexploitation feature,DID BABY SHOOT HER SUGARDADDY?(with the title coming from a line of dialogue) could have been a lot better had it had a much more solid storyline,a handful of action scenes(even though Scott gets to have two fight scenes),and an uppening on the nudity since the nudity is mainly saved for the strip club sequences(which includes a few nude dance routines) as van Hearn was basically going for a modern noir here but he unfortunately doesn't have the fluid story to tell her despite the cast giving it their very all and Scott making a decent hero and the likes of Lemani George,Jaston,and Noel making sultry femme fatales,as DID BABY SHOOT HER SUGARDADDY? is a missed opportunity upon what could have been the grindhouse/drive-in circuit's version of THE MALTESE FALCON and TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT(since it's got Scott fully secured as the main noir hero). With (Lee Frost reportoire regular)Phil Hoover(RACE WITH THE DEVIL,POOR CECILY,THE THING WITH TWO HEADS),Vincent Barbi(RAGING BULL,BLOOD ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS,MINDTWISTER),(Don Coscarelli reportoire regular)Ralph Richmond(PHANTASM,KENNY AND COMPANY),and Rene Bond(FANTASM,THE JEKYLL AND HYDE PORTFOLIO) as one of the brothel's fully clothes prostitutes.