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This review may contain spoilers.

In the first(and best) sequel in the SAW series,this sequel establishes what would become a regular factor in the series in having the sequels follow up immediately after the previous film,with SAW 2 having a corrupt police detective([New Kids On The Block singer] Donnie Wahlberg[THE SIXTH SENSE[1999].DREAMCATCHER]) becoming caught up in the investigation of Jigsaw(Tobin Bell[THE FIRM{1993},SERIAL KILLER]) when he is apprehended by the police and discovers that Jigsaw has trapped eight people,including both his previous surviving victim(Shawnee Smith[THE BLOB{1988},SUMMER SCHOOL{1987}]) and his troubled teen son(Erik Knudsen[SCREAM 4,SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD]),sending Wahlberg into a tremendous rage that results in literally beating down Jigsaw as he then drives Wahlberg to secretly take him away from police custody as they travel to a secret lair,with Wahlberg as unaware as Edward Woodward was in THE WICKER MAN(1973) in it primarily being a lure to a trap that has been set for him.

Beginning its life as an unfiled different screenplay from director Darren Lynn Bousman(THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL,TALES OF HALLOWEEN),a trait that was later taken for the Straight_to-VHS video/DVD/Blu Ray HELLRAISER sequels,SAW 2 effectively works as a superior thriller thanks to a suspenseful screenplay from both Bousman and Leigh Whannel(UPGRADE,HOME SHOPPER) that contains plenty of ground knocking plot twists and amazing surprises that help move the film along amid the splendid performances from the cast,with both Bell and Wahlberg brightly shining in their roles that help make the film more convincing as it moves along,as SAW 2 is truly one of the much better sequels and the best(and only good) SAW sequel(with the rest of the SAW sequels becoming extremely ridiculous afterwards[as the series moved along]). With Dina Meyer(STARSHIP TROOPERS,JOHNNY MNEMONIC),Lyriq Bent(FOUR BROTHERS,PAY THE GHOST),Emmanuelle Vaugier(40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS,FAR CRY),Beverly Mitchell(KILLING OBSESSION,THE CROW:CITY OF ANGELS),Franky G.(DEAD MAN DOWN,THE DEVIL'S TOMB),and Glenn Plummer(SHOWGIRLS,IMPERIAL DREAMS). Franky G.'s role was originally intended for Henry Rollins,who dropped out due to a scheduling conflict. Bousman reunited with Bell,Smith,Meyer,and Wahlberg for SAW 3.

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