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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm focused on the opening sequence for today's revisit, because it truly is a groundbreaking return to form. We begin with the classic studio intro fades and an echoed scream, before jumping right into Samara Weaving and her blind date from hell. Borrowing heavily in the plot and themes from Scream 2, it makes sense that the carnage in Scream VI occurs in a public place. She's on the phone with some guy named Reggie, who was actually supposed to be Richie in an earlier draft, with Roger L. Jackson's iconic killer voice over the phone all the way through.

Building up her professional knowledge of slasher films as an educator in New York, who just like everybody else in this franchise, falls into quick cut trope traps and gets murdered in a dark alleyway. But it doesn't end there. That familiar POV shot with Ghostface slashing down at the screen lingers to reveal our first killer, who is continuing directly from Part V. And to twist this first act in on itself even more, both him and his partner in crime are brutally murdered by another Ghostface! One that doesn't give a fuck about movies. Subverting core elements of this franchise in a brilliant way, and leading into one of the smoothest first acts yet.

I absolutely love it.

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