Wrong Turn ★★★★★

Once again, this franchise blows me away, and finally for a positive reason. Wrong Turn scraps the inbred cannibal narrative to introduce a brand new threat of 'The Foundation' — a community living in the woods by their own rule. I applaud this reboot for many reasons; the characters are well-written and diverse, the kills are beautifully executed with a purpose other than shock, and it finally made use of the title in a very literal and very fresh way.

Charlotte Vega was a stunning lead to follow, as were the rest of the cast in selling these performances. These characters had depth, and every move they made had my hair raised. The concept was taken in a brand new direction, and flawlessly too. I don't have time to read pre-release comments about how "the people who made this have never seen Wrong Turn" knowing that the guy behind this literally created the franchise. I don't know how far this could go in terms of a sequel, but I'm all ears for an anthology series from now on.

I'm so excited to revisit this once it drops on VOD.


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