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  • Hot Fuzz
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Almost Famous
  • Moonrise Kingdom

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    A film which can make me not only watch but enjoy horror as one of my favourites of the year (my year not 2020) so far is a special film.

    The way it uses what we the audience knows to be inherently true about sound to create moments of tension is pure genius. The switch from quiet to silent as we hear life through the deaf daughters perspective occasionally is a lovely touch. The idea that as a family who…

  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park


    "Hey, let's do Jurassic Park again but let's make it bigger and more dangerous!

    - Take away the cages.
    - More dinosaurs, people loved the dinosaurs in the first one.
    - We still need someone to die but lets make it someone the audience actually likes this time.
    - Give Malcolm a family it will make him more relatable since Laura Dern and Sam Neill aren't in this one.
    - Keeping it all on one island is boring lets put…

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  • Whiplash



    I could not take my eyes off this film! For such a simple story this had my attention from the word go. The performances in this were exceptional from the two lead characters. Somehow they both manage to play utterly dislikable people yet every so often you get a tinge of sympathy or understanding of why they are like that, before suddenly they do something to make you hate them again.

    Deserves all the praise it gets and more. I loved it

  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    As someone whose teenage years revolved around music and bands this film is so unbelievably relatable.

    It's one of the most 'coming of age' coming of age movies I have ever seen thanks to the music styles and songs changing as our main character does.

    It is a sweet, heartwarming, uncynical look at teenage life.