Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★½

Another special film from Taika Waititi.

After the unexpectedly excellent 'Boy' and the hilarious 'What we do in the shadows' he pulls out his showstopper.

A film which combines the heart, wit and punch in the gut of Boy and the jokes, sillyness and light hearted moments of what we do in the shadows.

The young actor playing Ricky Baker is brilliantly funny with perfect comic timing. Sam Neill plays the grumpy counter part about as well as you think he would. and as with all Waititi's films the supporting characters are dry and deadpan and brilliantly entertaining - especially the woman for social services.

I wish he could keep making films like this forever but as he is already doing Thor Ragnarok so I am sure his budgets will increase and the stars will be more of a guarantee at the box office ... I just hope it doesn't take away what makes him such a special film maker.

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