Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ★★★★

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anyone else find it weird that Harry was able to kick Voldemort out of his mind by clowning on him for not having friends???

I constantly see people complain about Harry not trying to contact Sirius before rushing off to the ministry headquarters, but like if you thought the last family member you have was dying, you'd be pretty quick on your feet to save them as well.

The stars of this film are Dumbledore for his diva like attitude, Umbridge for being easily hateable, and Sirius for having major bi energy and Severus for being highly likeable and dislikable at the same time. The actors and Actresses were absolutely amazing in the film.

A solid film that did the best with what it could. The newspapers advancing the narrative was such a bright idea to help those, who haven't read the books, understand what was going on within the wizarding world. My only legitimate complaint was the Daniel Radcliffe cut his hair wayyyy too short.

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