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  • Christopher Robin

    Christopher Robin


    Watched this with my son. When Christopher Robin says he hasn't thought about then in 30yrs and Pooh replies that they thought about him every day. I teared up. Not gona lie.

    It was a rainy day and this movie was such a fun filled movie , perfect for some quality mother-son time.

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    What a great movie! I really liked it a lot. But my notes are super goes.

    When Vince Vaughn chews on that food i was ready to punch my tv screen.
    Mel Gibson plays the perfect Mel Gibson role. Not gonna justify or explain this because we all know who and what he is by now.
    Why didn't Michael Jai White kick anyone?!?!

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  • Fyre



    The guy was willing to suck dick for water. This is fucking insane. A grown ass man getting ready to suck dick for Evian water 😂😂😂
    How crazy are these people for real?!?!?! I am fucking dying of laughter hahaha
    And fyi .. can someone please explain to me HOW THE HELL is "influencer" a career ?! I am confused.
    This whole thing is such a mess it's like watching a train that's going to derailment and you cannot look…

  • Paddleton



    Best supporting actor oscar for the 2019 oscar goes to Ray Romano. I have decided that and we're just in March.

    I usually use something i called "on the scale from 1 to Hachi" when describimg how sad a movie is and if it made me cry.
    I cried Hachi style. Snots and everything. Puffy eyes, choked sobs and my tshirt is wet.
    This will be in my top ten of 2019 for sure.