Annette ★★★½

Definitely the most bizarre film I think I have seen all year, but also one of the most unique films I have seen all year too. Just from the way Leos Carax directs this film it almost feels like something that would come out in the 70’s at moments, really unlike anything else that is being released today. There still is a lot that didn’t really work for me, since the way this film tackled themes was messy and all over the place, I do think that maybe this film ran for a bit too long, and maybe some of the songs weren’t quite as great as others. However, this really is a film that just held my attention throughout, and I really just have to commend something like this being released on a major platform like Amazon Prime. 

All of the performances in this are really great, but I think that Adam Driver especially did a great job at playing one of the most hateable film characters I have ever seen in a long time. Like, Driver has basically been knocking it out of the park with everything he has been in lately, and this film is no exception. It really is the music from Sparks that I thought was the main highlight in this film though, since it really held the whole movie together for me. I think I am basically going to listen to this soundtrack constantly for the next couple of weeks, since there are just so many absolutely killer songs throughout the runtime. 

Much like Carax’s other films, I really think I am going to need to watch this numerous times before I am really comfortable in saying that I absolutely loved it. There was just so much to take in with this film, and I think that I will just need to sit with it for a little while. However this still is a film I really enjoyed, and like I said before, absolutely one of the most unique films I have seen in a while. This film also showed to me how versatile of a director Carax is, since it is pretty incredible that he was able to go from the surreal existential masterpiece that was Holy Motors to the strange bombastic rock opera that is this film. Truly a sign of a great filmmaker if anything.


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