Skyfall ★★★★½

Nine years later, this film still just kicks so much ass for me. 

Casino Royale is still probably my favorite James Bond film, but this is a very close second. Granted, part of why I am even ranking this film so high may be from this being my big introduction to the franchise when I was a kid and the film that really got me hooked on Bond. Even taking off the rose colored glasses however, this is just such an excellent Bond film through and through. I really love how this is the most self critical of 007 and MI6 that the franchise has gotten as this point, further breaking down the whole mythology behind secret agents and Bond in general. Bond maybe feels at his most vulnerable in general as a character here, in fact I think this film is maybe the most believable this character has even been for me. 

The action is also so incredible too, since I would argue that this is right up there with Fury Road when it comes to the best directed action movies of the past decade. Sam Mendes was just such a fresh voice to bring into this franchise at this point, since his whole style of direction and blocking fits this franchise so well. Not to mention this is maybe the best looking a Bond film has ever been, with some insanely crisp cinematography from the master himself Roger Deakins. Also the cast is so great in this too, since not only do Daniel Craig and Judy Dench do a great job here as usual, but the supporting cast is almost more memorable to me. Naomi Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes are all just excellent additions in this film, and Javier Bardim is easily a top-tier Bond villain too. This also has one of the best climax’s out of any of these films as well, since I am just on the edge of my seat the entire time. 

Like Casino Royale, this is just a great film that plays around with certain tropes and gimmicks of this franchise but also just has a lot of love for it as well. There really was no better way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the franchise other than this imo, and films like this just prove why James Bond is so long lasting and enduring as a character despite how dated it all may seem. Just an awesome film that just makes you excited for the next film too, which just makes Spectre even more disappointing to me, but I’ll get to that very shortly. 


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