Species ★★★½

I haven’t watched a movie in awhile, but I’m still here! I’ve been reading the Dune saga, and damn, are those books dense. I’ve got one book left, so hopefully I’ll be more active once I finish. 

This was fun! A little boring since the plot structure kept the pacing at one speed the whole time, but decent overall. The team of scientists doesn’t have time to flesh out or develop until the third act, so most of my enjoyment came from reading into their assigned roles and personalities, but the writing was inarguably lazy. The stuff with Sil was pretty interesting throughout, though! Their story combined tropes from Frankenstein, alien movies, and the “born sexy yesterday” trope that I mildly despise, forming an altogether compelling arc. The effects get worse the further into the film you go, but there is definitely fun to be had. Maybe not alone, though. 

Rated R for men’s tits

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