Nope ★★½

This is the hardest rating I’ve had to give this year (I go into more detail in my second review). Peele’s films seem to be becoming increasingly aware of themselves, and what I was hoping would be a tight homage to beloved sci-fi iconography, with his usual layered commentary, in my experience was a jumbled mess of ideas and derivative thrills. There’s so much he’s getting at here that is great on its own, and is great to analyze after, but I just wasn’t engaged. I feel like the allegory was deepened at the expense of a suspenseful, cohesive story. 

I’m so enthusiastic about Peele’s career, and he is so creative it’s almost unbearable. This says to me he just doesn’t know how to channel or communicate that consistently. But hey, apparently I’m in the minority. I am definitely going to see it again!

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