Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre ★★★½

Can confirm this movie is real, and not bad! We all know I’m a Guy Ritchie loyalist but I think people expect too much from the brit - he’s definitely in his era of making fun 3.5/5 romps that are a little bit sexy, a little bit clever, and a little bit too expositional. I have to admit I doubted him in the first act but this goes on to provide his trademark banter and action to a totally satisfying degree. There’s one sequence where the camera is attached to Jason Statham’s gun while he takes a bunch of guys out and I could’ve watched twenty more minutes of it. Ritchie brings out Hugh Grant’s silly side yet again and it’s wonderful. Aubrey Plaza is literally just hanging out and having fun. Josh Hartnett is a star. Good vibes all around.

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