The Village

The Village ★★★★★

A movie about a community believing in love :)

This gets better on every watch. As stage play as M. Night has ever been, and as begging as his themes have ever been, for us not to give up on the world or each other. I am constantly in awe of just how evergreen his approach to American self preservation is, here through a community who have turned their backs to the kindness in humanity, only to realize they have not only brought others pain in order to save themselves from it but denied themselves a life of truth and freedom in doing so. Through the ups and downs in his filmography he has always refused to give into cynicism and empathized even with his characters he doesn’t agree with. Im also increasingly unsure that there was supposed to be much of a twist here at all. Also William Hurt is so so sensational in this, it’s about time his monologue towards the end moved me to tears. Deakins did not have to go this hard but he did and for that we are thankful. The scene of Lucius taking Ivy’s hand for the first time is so overwhelmingly amazing I can’t even think about it or I will explode. This was obviously marketed as horror which was such a massive mistake, it’s a suspense/thriller absolutely but a romance above all else.

“The world moves for love. It kneels before it in awe.”

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