The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Julie is a good person, but she doesn’t know that yet. All she knows is that she’s never happy in situations where she “should” be, and she’s the common denominator. It’s an astute observation that she has spent most of her adult life woefully misinterpreting. Me too Julie!

There’s this paradox humans love where we seek independence through dependency, and hurt others in our effort to not hurt them - two things that reveal themselves to be inherently selfish once we reach the bitter end. Joachim Trier holds Julie accountable for that as much as he lovingly guides her through it. His writing is poignant and raw, resulting in some of the most powerful and emotionally cathartic scenes I’ve seen all (last) year. 

Renate Reinsve (who looks like if Dakota Johnson and Vicky Krieps had a baby) and Anders Danielsen Lie are sensational. It’s a deeply personal look at being completely and utterly lost in the most beautiful (and necessary) way possible. A must see and one of the best of 2021. We don’t always have it figured out and that’s ok!

Also add this to the list of media from 2021 that has really got me thinking being 30 fucking sucks! I can’t wait!!

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