Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

I can not implore you enough to get out and see the 40th anniversary release in theatres this week if at all possible. If you never quite got why people love this film, then see it as it was meant to be seen!

This edition is a weird hodgepodge of all three previous cuts, but I was thrilled to discovery that it had the original ending that I love so much! Thank goodness.

There were numerous scenes I hadn't seen since I saw it first when I was 10 (because Spielberg got rid of the original cut), and it was joyous to know I hadn't just imagined them.

I love this film unabashedly. It is everything I want filmmaking to be--realistic characterization, imaginative shots, using visuals and sound to hitherto unknown heights, creating suspense, and most importantly making me feel awe & wonderment.

It made realize I do not get nearly enough of any of those and very rarely combined in one film. This is and continues to be my favorite Spielberg film. I also really enjoyed the little doc at the beginning and never knew how much When You Wish Upon a Star meant to the creation of this film.

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