Hamilton ★★★★½

Listen, over 4 years ago I had already heard the rumblings about Hamilton. When the cast album came out, I was on my laptop, and I thought I'd just start at the beginning. Almost 3 hours later, sobbing, I realized I hadn't moved or dared to breathe because I was overwhelmed by the genius of it all. I became instantly obsessed. My husband took me in Janurary of 2017 to see it on Broadway to celebrate my 50th birthday. It was hard not to sing every word.

We saw the 2nd cast, but I knew they'd filmed the original cast. I had kind of forgotten though. Until earlier this year, when the Disney news came out and the 2021 release date. Then the pandemic turned our world upside down, and here I am on the 4th of July finally seeing them, close up, with all the subtle nuances missing from the album and in the theatre. This is the best filmed version of a play I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few).

If you are a lover of the theatre and particularly, musical theatre, there are so so so many layers to what Lin-Manuel Miranda does in this work. So many callbacks via lyric and music choices to other shows. He tips his hat to all his heroes whether from the world of music or theatre. But beyond that, he was inspired by the presidency of Barack Obama and the book by Ron Chernow to find a way to tell the story of our deeply flawed Founding Fathers by utilizing the talents of those most frequently left out of the narrative of our nation.

This cast deserves every accolade they've received, and if the major legacy of this film is the future casting of them all, then all other recriminations matter very little to me. This kind of talent is simply a joy to behold. Imagine doing this show 9 times a week for a year like they did. It's a staggering accomplishment. I am so grateful we now have this permanent record of their brilliance.

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