I, Tonya ★★★½

There is nothing safe about this film just as there is no where safe for Tonya, herself. I think using dark comedy and a mockumentary approach is one of the few ways to deal unflinchingly with child and spousal abuse that allows the viewer to feel it without rolling up in a fetal position. Margot Robbie blew me away in this, and I am chagrined to have so under-estimated her. In a lesser year she'd win the Oscar. What a great year for complicated female protagonists it has been.

Also, Alison Janney, whom I have always loved, deserves every accolade she's receiving. Electrifying. And yet, Paul Walter Hauser as the "bodyguard" Shawn captures the essence of a type of man that I find truly terrifying--someone completely self-deluded, aggrandizing, and too stupid to even recognize the damage he does (see also: Trumpster fire).

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