Parasite ★★★★

I'm afraid I haven't seen Memories of Murder, but of the three Bong Joon-Ho films I've seen, this is, by far, my favorite. A main character keeps saying how metaphorical things are, and I'm fairly certain that the film, itself, is an allegory. This element of the film worked the best for me since a dissection of social classes couldn't be more needed. Just look to recent Chilean, Bolivian, and Brazilian protests for more proof.

The acting, set design, camera work, and editing are also fantastic. I totally get why this film has so many fans.

But, I think I've been spoiled by East Asian films in recent years with Shoplifters and The Handmaiden, both of which I enjoyed a great deal more. Perhaps it's not fair to make such comparisons, and it's likely that the hype messed with me. Still, Bong Joon-Ho has a love for too muchness that, when it happens, just doesn't sit well with me. Even when I understand why he does it.

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