The Florida Project ★★★★½

Caveat: My mom was just 21 when she had me and 22 when she had my sister. She was a single parent for us from the time I was 3-14. She was on welfare until I was 7.

I say all this because this film wrecked me. It is so non-judgmental and allows reality to breathe all the while capturing childhood in all its gritty innocence. This is an America that I am acutely aware of and which is too often hidden.

More importantly, Sean Baker feels new and raw and real in a way I've rarely felt. I enjoyed Tangerine, but clearly, he has so much more to say and by god, I hope he gets fully recognized for his accomplishment.

The last time I was this impressed was with Beasts of the Southern Wild, and they share a number of elements while each being uniquely its own vision.

Definitely one of my favorites of 2017.

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