Midsommar ★★★★

I think both of Ari Aster films are in the list of films that have been a dream to see in theatres.  This one just had me feeling so disoriented from the bright light of a seemingly never ending nightmare, to a much more dull sky outside. I kind of was really hooked in by the drama of the last hour maybe?? The POV and over the shoulder shots just amplified the sense of you living through the caharcter’s eyes and experiencing this mysterious festival unfold.

And oh my was this film just breathtaking. The colours and the visuals were just so amazing and really helped bring an unexpected uneasy tone. I think the use of the whole setting a horror in day time is something quite difficult to do but here it was done well. Oh and the first shots of the snowy forest???? Just ugh I loved them they were beautiful.

I think the pacing was something I was uneasy about, for the first half I really wasn’t sold on any of it. It felt slow and kind of playing way too much into the creepy pagan vibe. But when there was reason applied the horror began and the people of the festival became that much more sadistic. I also think the changing of the faces when Dani is walking through after winning the mayqueen while on mushrooms just was such a good way of showing you something isn’t right (even though you already knew that). 

I had a lot of fun watching this, and I think so did my friends. This maybe was my most anticipated film of the year and I really am please how it turned out. 

I feel like there’s so much more I want to say but I’m still in awe and this weird limbo. I’m just rambling but wow this was good.

(Also I always rate too high with films I love on the first viewing so I’m trying to be more sensible with my ratings).

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