Parasite ★★★★★

I’m expecting this review to be long and personal because it’s been a long and hard day today and this film... why am I about to cry?

So, I have painstakingly tried to avoid any trailers, spoilers or info about this film because a lot of the stuff I did see says to go in blind and I think that’s good advice for any film to be honest. So I did that. I also planned on waiting til February to see this in cinemas. I still feel guilty for not waiting but I was in a kind of slump today. I tried to start 3 separate films today but nothing was making me feel anything. My body ached and my brain couldn’t focus. I honestly felt like giving up and going to bed because then this day would be over and I knew I had things to do the next day to distract me.

This film then came to my mind. Its been my most anticipated film of this year and I really really really needed something to distract me and throw me into another world. I’m so glad I pushed through to watch this because it was nothing like I imagined it to be. It was a masterpiece in intricate storytelling and a thing of beauty that was so intense, sinister, twisted, sad, poetic, funny, scandalous, wild and fun.

It’s bad that I can’t even think of how to describe this film, other than saying it truly was an experience and helped me feel so much better about everything to be honest. I was worrying about the troubles of another family and not my own. (Sorry this sounds so dramatic but you know things be stressful and hard sometimes). 

Everything was perfect and I’m so happy I was able to see this. I kind of felt like this year has been a bad year for films for me because they’ve all not really wowed me or I haven’t been able to see the films I really want to but I’m just so impatient so that’s on me. 


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