2046 ★★★★½

If Won Kar-Wai's movies weren't so damn beautiful (which makes the awkwardly bad CGI stand out even more) I would be more inclined to complain about his habit of repetition that has been prominent in all of his films I've seen so far. Repeated phrases, music, situations. "Do you know how people used to keep secrets?" Yes, I do. It's been explained thoroughly throughout this movie and the last one, but I bet you're still going to tell me! Annndd, you did.

2046 is also typically poetic like all Wong Kar-Wai films, following the "Terrence Malick recipe" for filmmaking, Wong's films are all super loose structurally (even more so during production I hear) full of whimsical and philosophical musings. Both Chungking Express and In The Mood For Love were naive love affairs bound by the culture of Hong Kong, I liked them well enough but am a bit disconnected from the culture to fully grasp them. 2046 was more tragic with no real story, or even character progression. Hell, was there even a beginning or end? It's In The Mood For Love kicked up to 11 and maybe the most inventive sequel I've ever seen, fully incorporating the sci-fi stories as foil for the inner-struggle of our protagonist, Chow's, downward spiral. Of course, the Hong Kong commentary is still there, but more as an undercurrent rather than integral to the story which keeps it more focused, and yet it's not. Compared to the restraint of In The Mood, this is wildly out of control but constantly feels like its firing on all cylinders.