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This review may contain spoilers.

Initially, I didn't think FRANCES HA and I were going to get along too well, but slowly things began to change, mostly when things began to happen. The ending in particular satisfied me, it's predictable to lament about it being a last-ditch turnaround to give the film unearned optimism, but I disagree. The ending is funny because it could have happened at basically any moment after the first act, all that was required of Frances was for her to get her shit together. There is nothing Frances needed to accomplish or any arc to fulfill, she just needed to take any of the support being hurdled her way, rather than recoiling and deflecting it.

I've met people like Frances, I think many of us have, or been her, or are her. Frances is the all-too-common fool who blindly buzzes towards the lights of big cities without having any real purpose there. Nothing anchors her there except her own belief that success and fulfillment is found in big metropolises, which drives her to a hilariously pointless Paris trip where she does the exact same things as in New York, she's so disconnected she gazes the opposite way of the Eiffel Tower. Her future seems to constantly grind against her, and yet her poverty and misfortune are largely self-imposed. The ending, and the tapered off buzzer name limiting her surname to "Ha" looked to me like a maturing of the same character we've met all along: willing to settle for whatever is easiest, she's just starting to raise her standards. Frances is a child kicking and screaming her way into adulthood.

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