Tenet ★★★


I don’t really know what to say about Tenet to be honest. Usually, no matter if I liked or disliked a Christopher Nolan film, I would be thinking about some aspect of it a while after the film ended. That’s wasn’t the case with Tenet. I don’t have good feelings towards this and I don’t have negative feelings towards it. Honestly, I felt nothing while watching this. 

John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki are all fine, and helped me keep interested. The production design was inventive, and the effects are well-executed, and create some exciting sequences. Also, Ludwig Göransson’s is quite memorable and effective for certain moments in the film. It’s just Nolan’s script didn’t have any real impact on me, it’s not that I couldn’t understand it or hear it (which apparently is a big complaint from this film, but it’s one I didn’t have while watching this), I just didn’t care. Nolan’s direction is all right, but it seemed like he was focused on highlighting the time travel stuff more than anything else, and while those sequences are the best part the whole thing becomes underwhelming.

I did just get a digital copy of this, so maybe upon a rewatch I’ll actually feel something while watching this. We’ll see.

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