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This review may contain spoilers.

Driver: [watching a cartoon] Is he a bad guy?

Benicio: Yeah.

Driver: How can you tell?

Benicio: Because he's a shark.

Driver: There's no good sharks?

Holy shit, this film is just wowzers. I had no clue what this film was about going in so it blindsided me. I saw that it was alot of people's favorites on this site and decided to check it out. I pretty much give Letterboxd my life at this point for all these great recommendations.

Anyway, I was amazed, from the cinematography to the soundtrack to the action scenes to just the fantastic writing and the mystery of not knowing where the story or characters were going. This film is just so brilliant.

Don't even get me started on this dude Ryan Gosling, for fucks sake.
He does it again.


The Driver is the most calm yet most violent person.
I'm trying to just trying to pick his brain the whole film. I just want to know what he's thinking and why he's thinking it. It's one of the most interesting characters, that I can think of, in any film that I've seen. His vibe is so fucking mysterious yet you feel like you could trust him. He has different sides but, all in all, he was definitely not someone to fuck with. I don't think I've seen a character like this before. On one end he's very kind and gentle person but turns to be very violent when he eventually does get fucked with. It's weird to look back on now because we see him open up and grow close to the young boy, Benicio, which is some of my favorite shit in the film for sure. But, to know that other side of him it's crazy idk, my mind is blown.

Can I also just say, the scene toward the end when they get into the elevator was just wow. The Driver notices the guys gun... so he turns to kiss the girl, Irene, because he knows that what she's about to see him do is a side of him that she probably won't want to come back to. Then, of course, he kicks the guys head in over and over.

It's almost like he has a violent side and he knows it but he doesn't want to bring it out, nor does he like to. I notice alot when he gets violent he kind of tears up a little, especially in the strip club scene. He's on the phone with Nino and has Cook held down on the floor and you see a tear roll off his cheek after he got violent with Cook trying to interrogate him. Maybe that's just the way I see it.

Driver: [on the phone with Irene] Can I talk to you? I won't keep you long. I have to go somewhere and I don't think I can come back. But I just wanted you to know. Getting to be around you and Benicio was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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