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  • Lupin the Third: Tokyo Crisis

    Lupin the Third: Tokyo Crisis

    Not in the upper tier of Cagliostro/Mamo/The First/Goemon's Bloodspray, but still one of my favorite Lupin films. Because it's Zenigata-centric the relationship with the main female NPC is less horny and sweeter than it would have been otherwise and the movie also provides a surprising amount of insight into Zenigata's personality and life. He also gets plenty of time to shine as a hero (he's more the star of this one than Lupin!).

    Maria the NPC has a really standard…

  • Lupin the Third: Record of Observations of the East - Another Page

    Lupin the Third: Record of Observations of the East - Another Page

    Horribly cheap-looking animation, boring NPCs (both the girl character and the villain), and a needlessly convoluted plot. I did really like the character designs for the original cast, though, apart from Lupin who looks like an angry demon the whole time. They seemed very Part I-influenced which is unusual for these specials. Zenigata gets a couple of cool scenes and there's one scene that basically breaks down his entire character and dynamic with Lupin in a very short time period,…

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  • Dog Dick

    Dog Dick


    If you really love Salò and Harmony Korine and really hate poor and disabled people then boy is this movie for you

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl

    David Fincher is indisputably a gifted artist. Really, there's no contesting the fact that he's one of the best living directors film has to offer. Regardless of the material he's working with, he brings a shrewd intelligence and a meticulousness to the final product.

    Presentation isn't everything, though. I found the material presented in Gone Girl to be objectionable and upsetting, not because I can't handle certain content (I absolutely can) but because of what can be read of the…