• The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    6 years removed since I first saw it, I still echo the exact same sentiments. This is top 3 Tarantino, a masterclass in suspense & storytelling with brilliant characters and setting.

    The acting was insane too, Tim Roth, Sam Jackson & Jennifer Leigh were all incredible but Walt Goggins stole the show as a bitter, bigoted sheriff-to-be with almost insatiable delivery of his lines.

    If Hitchcock ever made a western collaboration with Robert Rodriguez, it may look a lot like this and I'm all here for it.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Wasn't the biggest fan in initial viewing, but this is a film where you have to know what to expect to enjoy.

    The build up to the eventual finish is incredible and the characters are brilliant. Brad and Leo excel at their roles.

    This evoked an incredible atmosphere of late 60s, early 70s US through it's stellar cinematography & costume design. Also, a great social commentary ran throughout the film that I didn't pick up on my first watch.

  • Mean Machine

    Mean Machine


    A tonal nightmare at times but who cares, it's brilliant fun. The final 20-25 minutes are pure comedy gold.

    Also, a young Danny Dyer.

  • Election



    I came for Reese Witherspoon (who is a tour de force in this film). I stayed for Matthew Broderick's delightfully hilarious & conflicted performance.

    This is witty, funny stuff and I daresay a must-see.

  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    Really good fun. Hoffman plays awkward, anxious, ambivalence to perfection. A film that somehow feels new and fresh at the same time as it does classic.

    Also, Simon & Garfunkel was the perfect choice.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Saw this months back so this a very late review.

    Arguably the first slasher and a damn good one at that. An obscure killer, a brilliant atmospheric feel & a haunting ending.

    You can see the influences in Carpenter's work, especially Halloween. If the latter is the one responsible for the 80s slasher boom - Black Christmas deserves just as much credit.

  • Strangers on a Train

    Strangers on a Train


    It feels forever since I saw an Alfred Hitchcock film but this reminded me of how much I love his style.

    A wild, fun ride which made me feel like a kid watching The 39 Steps at 2 in the morning again.

  • Mommy



    Whilst I found it a tad over-sentimental at times I can probably attribute that to my cold, dispassionate heart.

    This was a dramatic, comedic & heart-wrenching triumph with incredible acting all around & great direction.

    A must-see.

  • Wild Child

    Wild Child


    God I love this. Emma Roberts is incredible.

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    Amazing to look at - Cinematography and costume design are all top notch.

    The story is bare but interesting enough. Not your typical cinematic love tale.

  • Stalker




    The premise was interesting & the direction was assured I guess but otherwise this was rather boring & uninteresting.

    Annihilation did it much better.

  • Tenet


    *potentially long review upcoming*

    I rarely watch films more than once in a short period of time. I saw this twice in 3 days. The last time I remember being truly and utterly befuddled whilst in complete awe was funnily enough Inception a decade ago.

    I mean of course I didn't understand vast amounts of it. But this is visual storytelling at its damn finest.

    For those who claim Nolan to be overrated I offer you this. He takes concepts…