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  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare


    Basically Final Destination (2000) shoved in the oven, cooked at 150°F, served up, chewed , swallowed and regurgitated into Truth or Dare (2018). A couple of notable moments, but that’s where I draw the line.

  • Halloween



    I was apprehensive going in to this and for the most part I was right to be. The simplicity of Halloween (1978) seems to have been overlooked for this sequel, less is more. In an effort to bring this franchise up to date they have neglected it's very essence. There’s so many references to the original in this movie so if the filmmakers went to those lengths to pay homage why couldn’t they use the same formula to make the…

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  • Aquaman



    It’s flawed, most of the performances are bad and there’s some lazy CGI, but I enjoy this film mainly due to non-flawed moments, some good performances and great CGI...go figure!

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  • Coco



    An absolutely stunning looking film. Coco (2017) was quite the surprise in terms of its concept, which by the way is incredibly original and risky especially when considering the main demographic the movie is aimed at. The ending is done particularly well even if the screenplay does feel slightly laboured at times on route to its end goal.