Halloween ★★½

I've decided to watch all the Halloween movies, so once more I've seen this. It's about the fifth time I've watched this film and every time I like it a little less.

When watching it you can see the ways it has been influential, and I admire and respect this film. However, I do not enjoy watching this film.

There is honestly just a few thing I like, the cinematography. Which isn't particularly mind blowing for the most part, although there's a wonderful shot of Michael's masked face appearing from the darkness. Michael's mask is also a big plus, as well as the iconic score.

But the rest of this film makes it a chore. The acting is very bad, especially in the death scenes. The very opening scene is marred by some of the worst screaming ever. She's being stabbed to death by her little brother, and the screams are pathetic. This repeats over the film, the two women Michael strangles to death just sound so silly. The victim in the car pulls the most absurd facial expressions. Also, why doesn't she fight him! Punch him, poke his eyes. You have your damn hands free.

Overall this film is very dull, time has not been kind to it.