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  • Spider-Man 2
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Before Sunrise

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  • The Menu


  • Léon: The Professional


  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery


  • Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio


Recent reviews

  • Big Trouble in Little China

    Big Trouble in Little China


    The things a man will do for his truck!

    Pure 80s cheese. Completely insane movie with a mix of comedy, action, and fantasy. Big Trouble in Little China is a non-stop thrill ride. Plenty of ridiculous fight scenes, mythical creatures, and goofy characters - like a cartoon brought to life. Carpenter's imaginative Chinatown shines with creative set pieces and stunning costume design. The special effects are dated but still incredible - they look hilarious but never weaken the movie's supernatural…

  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    Mysterious Skin belongs to the category of movies you'll never want to see again. Almost unwatchable due to the dark subject matter it presents.
    The story of two boys suffering from trauma, one who remembers everything and becomes a teenage prostitute while the other blackouts and gets obsessed with alien abductions trying to seek the truth behind it all. Araki does not shy away from using graphic scenes that contain nudity and violence - even some that are too messed…

Popular reviews

  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    Batman Returns (as a mass murderer)

    Way better than its predecessor. Burton was allowed more creative control this time, and it shows. The set-design, costumes and Elfmann's score are marvelous. Gotham City is a character itself. It's snowy and dark, with a sense of melancholy. Outside the Christmas atmosphere and the brief romantic moments, there is only loneliness that exists in the city.

    Michael Keaton returns with an improved performance. While I found him to be dull in the first…

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    This is a comfort movie for many of us. It's honest, hilarious, and Paul Dano doesn't get beat up for once! I can watch it whenever I feel happy or sad.
    The premise is fun, but the main highlight is the family dynamic and the characters, who are well thought out and three-dimensional without any cliches. For instance, Richard, who I thought was an asshole at the start began to grow on me later on, because everything he goes through…