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  • Akira



    Seeing this in a cinema was intense. I only wish it would've been at my own private screening because a couple of cunts decided that individually-wrapped-in-crinkly-paper chewy toffees are their total ultimate fave cinema snack. As a result, the moody intricacies of the film's score became interspersed with the fucking loudest lip smacking and sucking sounds I've ever heard. You know me guys, I love sucking, but I usually reserve those kind of deep, dedicated slurps for a third or…

  • The Way We Were

    The Way We Were


    Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford have a go at being in love even in the face of their radically opposing personality types and hair textures. 

    After spending their college years performatively concealing their boners for one another (and looking approximately 43 years old), Katie "Engels is my homeboy" Morosky and Hubbell "I’m not like other jocks” Gardiner are re-united as grown-ups towards the end of WWII and boy, is she happy to see him! Despite Katie being super intense and…