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  • Mutant Hunt

    Mutant Hunt


    Mutant Hunt runs the gamut with terrible acting all around, some of the slowest and worst fight choreography this side of 36 Husbands, both a good (synth) and bad (mostly anything that’s not synth) score, some surprisingly well done production design on a clearly limited budget, and cinematography that at times looks way more impressive than you’d expect with some smart choices in set design and filming locations. The biggest problem here is pacing—even at 76 minutes, it feels long. That poster does kick ass though.

  • Clerks III

    Clerks III


    “What the fuck is a butt thief?”

    Clerks III is my least favorite of the trilogy by a large margin, but it pays off in the end with an emotional gut punch that likely works for those who count themselves fans of these characters and the previous films. Also, Elias’ ever changing costumes here are inspired throughout and sort of make this worth watching on their own.

Popular reviews

  • Calm with Horses

    Calm with Horses


    Thoroughly impressed with this feature-length debut from director Nick Rowland. Calm with Horses is a well written crime drama with some damn fine performances from everyone involved, but especially from Cosmo Jarvis who plays the protagonist, Arm. This film strikes an interesting balance of both tension that leads to inevitable violence along with some genuinely touching moments that involve Arm, his ex, Ursula, and their autistic son, Jack, both of whom he's trying to provide for in the best way…

  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    HORRORx52 Challenge
    #43: Paranormal horror (ghosts, haunted house, possession, etc)

    For such a highly regarded film amongst cinephiles and filmmakers alike, I'm honestly a bit perplexed at how much Don't Look Now didn't work for me. Even with all the unorthodox choices Roeg made stylistically, it just ends up coming off as a rather banal '70s supernatural thriller with little to no thrills. Maybe I'd glean more upon repeated viewings, as it seems a lot of others are able to, but I honestly don't see myself ever sitting down to watch this one again.