Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

Do you know the feeling after having met a random, but really cute girl/guy at a party and you end up sleeping together, and you just can't get her/him out of your head, the day after? You were kind of drunk the day before, so you can't really figure out if it was just the booze, or if you just had some of the best sex ever, followed by a long talk where you fell deeply in love with her/his personality.

When you think back, you seem to remember her/him having a lot of qualities you appreciate, but at the same time a lot you have grown kind of tired of with your previous girl/boyfriends. She/he did however surprise you a couple of times, right about the point where you thought you had figured her/him out.

You feel like it was one of the most exhausting, yet satisfying experiences of your life, but you're not quite sure if your memory is totally accurate and it really was so great an experience, as you might have been pretty intoxicated by the amount of alchohol you consumed. So you ask yourself "was she/he really that great, or have my sex life just really sucked?"

You can't stop thinking about her/him and really want to see her again, but you're afraid that your experience was just a product of your frame of mind at that point in time, and when you see her again, she/he wont be that fantastic a person the second time around.

Well, I guess it's kind of obvious where i'm going with this, but i'm gonna say it anyway. That's the best comparison i can make, with how I feel about Avengers: Infinity War at the current moment.