Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Miraculous. A film that demonstrates an unparalleled mastery of the unspoken language of love and desire. Guadagnino grafts this language onto the story and its characters with perfection - hitting every beat without a single misstep.

Given how frenetic Guadagnino's other films are - particularly A Bigger Splash - it's impressive to see the amount of restraint he exhibits here. On a basic level, the way Luca uses blocking to emphasize the thematic elements of the film is stunning (and unfortunately lacking in most modern movies). More advanced, however, are the technical choices that are used to draw out Elio's inner emotional arc (and turmoil) - something that might have easily been lost in taking the story from book to screen.

This movie is going to age so well as it perfectly combines classical styles of filmmaking in a way that feels timeless and timely. Not to sound hyperbolic, but anyone who knows anything about movies will love this flick.

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