Cold War ★★★★

This is my kind of movie. I miss black and white movies so much and Pawlikowski understands better than most how to use it and use it well. The central romance is a bit thinly developed, but that really didn’t matter to me at all. The romance itself mimics the characters' relationship to their home country of Poland; it’s passionate and volatile, full of confusion, frustration, empathy, and love. The use of music, singing and stage performance all bring this to a level I was not expecting. 

This is the kind of movie that could have been much longer than its 84 minute run time, but I have to admire Pawlikowski for delivering such a singular, focused vision that isn’t concerned with indulging in the characters’ story beyond what is truly essential. 

I don’t mean to get hung up on titles, but I cannot get over what a perfect title Cold War is and how poignantly it encapsulates this story. The two characters are fighting a Cold War, which is (forgive how corny this sounds) their love. Pawlikowski crafts this wonderful journey that, at its best moments, reminds me a bit of Doctor Zhivago. No matter the circumstances, these characters cannot and will not stay apart. 

Fantastic score. Hot and talented leads. Truly incredible cinematography. Delivers a breathtaking final moment. Blah blah blah. I want more lol

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