Nosferatu ★★★★½

Imagine seeing this in 1922. Most people weren'teven used to seeing pictures move on a screen and now you're going to make what's on the screen horrifying? God damn. To say that F. W. Murnau had vision and talent is an understatement. What he did with Nosferatu is inspiring.

What I find increasingly impressive about silent films (the more I watch them) is that they do an outstanding job of communicating with nonverbal communication. Sure, they use title cards/dialogue cards sometimes, but the majority of this film is just pictures, images without active conversations and yet you understand all of it. It really makes you take a second look at films today that rely heavily on expository dialogue in order to make their point. Nosferatu, and other films like it, don't have that luxury to fall back on so they work extra hard to make their visuals a device that serves to show the audience what's happening. It's fascinating and impressive and exemplifies the best of what cinema has to offer.

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