Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★

I initially came away from this feeling like there was an indeterminable incompleteness to the movie, and while I do maintain that the last 40 minutes of this don't quite succeed in the way they could, I just can't bring myself to care all that much.

Even with some imperfections, the whole thing is so entrancing, clever, romantic, and twisted that I find myself deeply enamored with it. With his last 3 features, PTA has shown a growing maturity in his work that I really connect with. Manville and Krieps are pitch perfect and DDL is perfectly cast - his tendency to overact suits the character well, capturing his childish, fussy attitude in a way that is soooo funny.

Greenwood's score is brilliant. I wish I could plaster the walls of my apartment with stills from this movie.

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